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If you are going on a trip, especially if you are traveling to a new country for yourself, you must follow certain security measures in order to minimize the risk of getting into a dangerous or desperate situation. Take care of these things:

  • Always take a copy of the passport with you and keep the original in a safe place (send all documents in scanned form to the email or to the cloud storage).
  • The golden rule is – do not keep all the money in one place! Take some of the cash with you and put some in the backpack. Keep one credit card or debit card with you, if there is the second one; put it in the bag or in some secret pocket. Also, do not wear expensive jewelry, do not show valuable items to anyone.
  • Always carry a “traveler’s note” with you – phone numbers of embassies, insurance company (and insurance number), ordinary or tourist police, bank service, address and hotel (in name local language), phone number of a loved one. It is best to make yourself a small card, which will have all the necessary information, and make several copies, putting it in different places.
  • If you are traveling during the night there is a possibility of falling asleep during the trip, attach all the valuable items to yourself, and keep the bag that you have as your carry-on luggage and lock it away from the aisle.
  • If you need to withdraw money from an ATM, use those ATMs that are in the bank building, if possible, so you can always contact the bank’s employees if something went wrong. Also, these ATMs are safer than those that are in public places, because it is more difficult for intruders to install reading devices there.
  • Be sure to take a map with you, and preferably an electronic map with a navigator so that it’s always easy to understand where you are. Mark your hotel on the map to know where to return to you.

Take care of these little things to enjoy your trip in full.

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