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Let us accept the reality, there are many unfortunates who every morning suffer the torture of having to face a new working day. The motivation to go to work does not exist and the suffering begins from the very moment the alarm sounds.

That way, one day you get up and you are not in love with your job, you feel unsatisfied, unsuccessful, frustrated and most likely fatigued. You are in a position just to perceive a livelihood and maintain your economy but maybe you have even reached the point where your whole environment is indifferent. This is when the red alert status should be activated.

According to some recent surveys, job satisfaction is at its lowest levels in the last two decades; less than half the world’s employees are comfortable with the work they do.

However, it is proven that happiness at work directly impacts not only on the personal-professional satisfaction of an employee but on the levels of performance both individual and company.

The experts say that if you are happy in your work you can be up to 180% happier in your personal life and you will have 30% to 50% more energy while for the company can be 88% more productive thanks to your optimism and reduce the risk of accidents at work.

If all of the above is not enough reason to feel happy with your work,  these tips will help you  to fall in love with your job, to feel proud of your company and to bring success to your life:

#1. Remember when you did not have it

Before you had the job you suffered because you were unemployed and even you were desperate, you had outstanding bills to pay and you were probably a prisoner of anguish daily so appreciate the benefits of belonging to a company and take advantage of all the resources you have to keep on top of you.

#2. You have control, you own your patience.

There are situations or colleagues who do the work but if you lose patience, you will have lost the battle. Learn to face when you must do it but also ignore all that is not worth. Do not pay attention to the negative and let it pass by.

#3. Money makes your quality of life possible

You may not earn a lot or feel that your job is worth more than what you are paid but at least for now, you have a salary that allows you to keep yourself. Instead of feeling frustrated, strive to make proposals to your company and get a raise or seek a better position. Having a job and salary is what allows you to move forward.

Learn to enjoy your present life as everyone is not blessed to have the same which you are enjoying.

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