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Pets reduce the feeling of loneliness; yes those endearing eyes, little paws, and that innocent look are always a bundle of joy to have.  Staying with these small little friends is especially positive for older people or those who live alone. The mere fact of seeing them already makes you positive and activates your memories. There are many more benefits they brought with themselves, have a look:

  • Improves the health of your heart

Different research suggests that the mere fact of caressing a dog or contemplating the fish of an aquarium has a relaxing effect that reduces the heart rate. Another study from the State University of New York on 240 married couples with and without pets found that blood pressure was markedly lower in pairs with animals. A study by the American Heart Association has shown that dog owners have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Provides free hormone of happiness

After sharing a few games with your pets, you will get to experience a burst of oxytocin, the so-called molecule of love. It is actually a hormone that is associated with pleasure. Oxytocin helps to decrease stress levels and is a good antidote to depression.

  • Reduces the chances of nursing

Children who grow up with pets around them are less likely to fall ill. A Finnish study confirmed that babies, who live with pets especially dogs, suffer 30% fewer respiratory illnesses and 50% fewer ear infections. Growing with dogs and cats also decreases the risk of developing allergies. Children who had dogs or cats at home had 50% fewer allergies and 45% fewer asthma than those who did not live with animals.

  • Reduces the level of stress

A team of psychiatrist has measured the brain waves of different dog owners before and after spending time with them. They found that after interacting with their animals, people experienced an increase in the frequency of waves associated with relaxation and a decrease in their level of the stress hormone, cortisol. Also, people who interact with animals while working are less stressed.

  • Enhances physical activities

It is obvious that taking the pets for a walk, running or playing with them is a physical activity that is always beneficial, but do you know that those walks can beneficial than spending time in the gym for exercise. If you are staying with your pet, you already have a reason to get out of bed. Even if you do not feel like doing anything, you will have to feed him and take him out.

Yes, these little and sometimes mischievous angels are your true and faithful friends forever, enjoy their company.

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