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Many of us do not have a clear conception of “Emotional intelligence” as we often find it very mysterious or complicated term to understand. Let us make it very clear that Emotional Intelligence is that ability that allows us to control our emotions and express them assertively. Although the word “intelligence” is often linked to concepts related to memory and cognitive ability, the mind is much broader and since the last century scientists have studied other areas of the brain.

Many people are deluded to think that high intellectual figures, those that are determined by tests or success in business give us the label of “self-insurance”, defines the emotional intelligence of a person which is nothing more than a false perception of things.

You can be the most efficient surgeon, the best architect, the most honest lawyer, the most outstanding footballer, the most enterprising trader; but if you do not have emotional intelligence in your life there will always be instability. The reason is very simple to explain but not easy to understand especially for those who have a selfish and linear thinking focused on a single direction according to which they are always the right ones and the others are the wrong ones.

Many people who are successful in their careers and have problems in other aspects of their lives are not able to handle them properly because of their emotions overflow. You could put many examples of people who are brilliant in business and their careers, and yet at the family or couple level are totally unstable because they cannot control their impulsivity, that is because in that person lack the concept of Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is basically the way we apply more or fewer emotions and more or less reasoning to the decisions we make day by day. A person with low emotional intelligence will often be driven by his impulses, and this will eventually cause problems while a person with high emotional intelligence will have a much more rational and intelligent perspective, and his emotions will hardly be able to destabilize him at crucial moments.

It is important to understand the concept of Emotional Intelligence as it will help us in knowing how to control the emotions for our own well-being. That is why this emotional intelligence is the plus that really will allow us to live a life with greater confidence and security.

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