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Top Tips on How to Stay Positive in All Situations?

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Top Tips on How to Stay Positive in All Situations?

At times, we have heard someone reaching heights despite being failed several times. What is that one thing which keeps them trying it again and again? Taking risks, investing time & money and being a fun thing for others.

It is the “positive thinking” which kept their expectations alive. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times before he actually invented light bulbs. Positive thinking plays a vital role in nurturing our lives, but the first we have to find out stay positive meaning? Staying positive means that whenever life throw a challenge on us, we could fight back with the vigor, zeal and enthusiasm. It doesn’t mean that we should not think about the negative impact of our actions, but the negativity of thoughts should not hamper our efficiency of doing or achieving our goal.

It is our thinking which makes difficult matters easy and easy matters difficult. It has such an impact on human beings which can change a person drastically. This is why they say “be positive ” and it’s not about your blood group. 🙂

How to stay positive during difficult times is an art and if you are well versed in this art nobody can stop you from achieving your life goals. Many people often ask me about how to stay positive at work and to come out as a phenomenal performer. Even some student ask how to stay positive and motivated in school to score well in the exams? For all of you I have come up with some suggestions. Here are a few points to remember which can make your thinking positive If you follow them, certainly you will feel some changes in yourself.

  • Change you friend circle: A good company is a blessing and a bad one is a curse. Keep yourself aloof from people who have negative thinking.
  • No Overthinking: Some people have the habit of thinking a lot about the future and they forget the present. We should not think too much. Stay positive and live the present.
  • Forget Past live in present: You can only live your life happily if you have a positive approach to life. We should take lessons from the past to make our present and future happy and secure. Cribbing over things will land you in sorrow only therefore you should live the present fully and welcome future with open arms.
  • Listen to Music read books: This the most used and proven practice to keep negative thoughts away. As they say an empty brain is devil’s workshop and listening to music and reading books keep your mind busy plus you get to learn about more and more stuff plus It also make your mind creative and sharp as proved by a study conducted in USA.
  • Work Out Regularly: Exercise is yet another way to keep your mind positive and stress free. These days life has become very hectic and we keep ignoring our health and end up having a bad mind and body. A Healthy brain can not reside in an unhealthy body. Therefore to keep our mind and body fit we should work out on regular basis. A healthy brain produce positive thought and an unhealthy one produce negative thoughts only. Choice is yours. Read my other post here on how to stay fit and what should be avoided?.
  • Keep Experimenting about what makes you happy: Keep experimenting and try to find out what gives you satisfaction. What gives you pleasure. Do you enjoy the work you do? Or you want to do something new? Do it before it’s too late. Find the ways for  how to stay positive no matter what happens.

We should always have a positive approach to life,  so that in the long run our thinking remains positive. It is important to trust your guts and live life in the present. Focus on what you believe. You will get it for sure. Stay happy, stay positive!!

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