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A Short Inspirational and Motivational Story Worth Reading and Sharing

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A Short Inspirational and Motivational Story Worth Reading and Sharing

I was a kind of person who was never satisfied with her life. I used to complain a lot about anything and everything. I didn’t want to work much, but still I wanted everything I desire. And if I didn’t get what I wanted, I would fight, complain, leave food or just start weeping. But one day a little boy changed my view to see life. This is a true motivational story and I believe it is worth sharing with others.

I was working in a software company back then, a boy  “chai wala” used to come to serve us tea. He was hardly 6 years old. His name was Ganesh. He was always smiling, cheerful and he made everybody laugh on his jokes. The way he talked was so fascinating. If somebody asked him, why are you late today, he would say “thola late ho jata hai Chhal”. We all used to love him except Deepak, who thinks poor are here just to trick us to get money. One day he asked Ganesh to take a slap from him and he would give Rs 5/- to him and Ganesh agreed instantly. I never knew Rs 5/- could be so valuable for somebody. However, I felt so bad for him and that day I had a fight with Deepak.

Day by day I was getting attached to Ganesh. I got to know he was only getting Rs 1500/- as salary. He was the first child in his family and had two more siblings. His mother and father were living in Bihar and sent him Delhi to earn some money as they were poor. Ganesh was the lone bread winner for his family at the age of 6. He kept sending the whole salary to his family . He used to sleep at the “chai” shop only and I don’t know how he managed the extreme cold and heat of Delhi. He missed his family so much. Whenever we asked anything about his home he replied so enthusiastically about his house, a big tree, his goats and everything.

I used to give him 5 or 10 rupees every day. That 5 rupees filled him with overwhelming joy. Every morning he would first wish me “namachhte maidam”.

Whenever I remember Ganesh, I feel my eyes wet. Working for livelihood at this tender age, staying away from his family and yet smiling every time, this is what Ganesh was. And there are people like me who are always complaining over little things..

Ganesh gave me a very important lesson of being  happy in any situation. Everyday I wake up, I  thank God for whatever I am today. I don’t know where Ganesh is today. I wish him a better life and success. Life is not that bad as we think. We should learn how to see happiness in small things instead of complain about anything and everything. Change the way you see life and you will realize how beautiful it is.

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