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How to Stay Fit and What Should be Avoided?

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How to Stay Fit and What Should be Avoided?

Few days back, I saw a video claiming a fish to be made of plastic, another video which showed how an artificial cabbage is made and how rice is made of plastics. Even man-made eggs are there in the market. The powder is added in milk, vegetables are injected with chemicals and the list goes on.

We are all aware of these things very well and still we don’t bother. To make it worse, we have a lifestyle that doesn’t allow us to keep ourselves  healthy. Everyone wants to look fit, but nobody cares to be healthy. Although people are gradually hitting the gym, but still the number is too less.

We have always been  instructed to eat healthy food and get regular exercises, but we hardly follow it. Some of us make excuses of shortage of time, inaccessibility of the right food, inappropriate work hours, etc. But, have we ever thought what it may result and who we are fooling around. It’s only us who will be affected.  If we are not eating healthy and getting proper exercises then we are making medical bills  which we will have to pay in the future. Diabetes, back pain, poor eyesight, etc. is the gift of our lethargy.

It is true that we are jammed up with our schedules but don’t let these excuses hinder our commitment to stay fit. There is always a solution to a problem. You need to figure out yourself.

Some of the things to avoid to stay healthy, which we know are detrimental to our health, yet we keep doing them like:

  • Keeping cell phones beside us while sleeping- their radiations we all know have an adverse effect on the body and can be cancerous also.
  • Preserved food over fresh food- as the name says it, preservatives are added to it.
  • Usage of Mobile phones for a longer period of time- leading to poor eyesight and spinal problems.
  • Regular eating out- fast foods, carbonated drinks landing us to obesity, which itself carries myriads problems like strokes, heart diseases, diabetes etc.
  • Getting improper sleep- because of social media or other engaging time-pass.

So this was the what not to do to stay healthy list, but what’s the solution and what are the strategies we ought to follow? More precisely how to stay healthy and disease free and live a longer life?

Well its not that tough, ask yourself what are the things we do to stay healthy? Try to set a goal for yourself. Follow some commitment which you make to yourself. Once you do it, you will feel better. At least you have to try to:

  • Find fruits or veggies from farmers markets and the local stands in the vegetable market.
  • Make exercise your everyday routine.
  • Avoid eating out and stick to home-made food.
  • Keep phones and gadgets away when not required and limit their use.
  • Lose weight and reduce stress level.
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