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6 Rug Ideas for Your Bedroom

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6 Rug Ideas for Your Bedroom

You can change the look of your walls and ceilings, but what about your floor?

Well, Let us remind you of Rugs.


We all wish to make our home look aesthetically pleasing, add furniture or two or get the walls some fresh paint but why not we get some new rugs to bring out the aesthetics of our homes? Rugs are an item which can transform the look of the home; it gives luxurious yet cozy feel to us. Also look out for the various products on home décor sale in order to get rugs at affordable price. There are varieties of rugs to choose from to add something to make your house look pleasing. Let the rug make all the difference you need to make your bedroom look cozier or your master bedroom more exquisite..


Dhurrie is a type of Indian rugs which is flat and woven. It is traditionally used all over India as a floor cover or a Dhurriecarpet. But this has a unique quality of being multi-purpose in nature. This is used as table cover, bedding or even packaging some items other than being formally used as rugs. These rugs are often low maintenance and do not require particular cleaning. The patterns on these rugs are very traditional and beautiful; it makes the room more vibrant and classy because of the craftsmanship on the rug. This rug could be purchased easily on the internet on any Home Décor Sale. They are typically made from four types of materials such as Cotton, Wool, Jute, and Silk.


Kilim is a kind of rug which comes under the category of ‘Oriental Rugs’. It is originated from Turkey and has a unique style of its own. It is different from other types of rugs which are found because the technique used to make this rug is different, it is made by interweaving various Kilimcolors of thread and wraps, this technique is also known as flat weave. Hence this rug has gaps in between because of being flat woven and turns to look different from most of the rugs. It is known for its bold designs and wide shapes; Kilim comes in bold colors which enhances the look of the room. They are even sold with geometrical shapes which would provide a modern look to the bedroom. A Kilim would perfectly suit a room which is painted in nude color or a bedroom which has complete white walls. They would be the star of the bedroom décor. It is made out of many different materials like wool, cotton or animal hair. Some of the Kilim rugs can be used as wall hangings and are even sold as bags and mules. This beautiful piece of rug would make a bedroom look picturesque yet cozy.  

Overdyed Rugs

 These rugs are famous for their dyeing process. It is made by taking any oriental overdyed rugscarpet and being dyed again. The effect it creates look beautiful, almost washed with colors which gives a very modern look to the room. It is mostly made in colors like pink, red or blue. Even though the rugs are dyed with colors, the beneath pattern still can be seen and it is a great idea to have a tinge of modern on some vintage, the best of both worlds to decorate your lovely bedroom.

Ikat Rugs

Ikat rugs are one of the oldest designs known in the world; it was widespread in Peru, Japan, India and Yemen. It has a unique method of craftsmanship, in Ikat Ikat Rugsdesign the dyeing process is done before being woven into a rug, it is unconventional but it produces an amazing effects on the patterns after they are woven. It has an evident ‘blurriness’ to it which is an original to this type of rug. The blurry, dyed and woven piece of rug is usually sold more expensive but it could be bought from any Home Décor Sale. This type of rug is bold, complicated and full of patterns; it would even enhance the look of a patterned walled bedroom or a bedroom with a bold wall color. Ikat has many historical significance but it is adoringly aesthetic which will make the bedroom a beautiful sight, like many of us who prefers to be in an environment which is aesthetically pleasing yet very comfortable. Ikat rugs are in the material of wool and sometimes silk, therefore it is cozy too. It often has many geometrical patterns and shapes which gives it a hint of modernization with the significance of being historical.

Persian Rugs

Persian Rugs are one of the most famous, traditional and exotic in looks. You can never get enough of the beautiful persian rugslooking oriental rugs, which happens to look straight out of mystifying historical book. Persian rugs are known to be hand woven in Iran; they are one of the most respected for their authentic craftsmanship. Often found in bold and bright colors, they have artistic prints on them as flowers, prints or even jugs and combs. Placing a Persian rug in your bedroom could never go wrong because of the luxuriant feel it provides. It is a kind of rug that would suit any type of bedroom, specially to be put near a high ceiling window would look straight out of book beautiful.

Being authentic and hand woven, they are often priced as expensive in the market. Persian rugs are often the symbol of class. Its rich colors and patterns are the reasons they are regarded as one of the famous rugs to buy.

Modern and Vogue Rugs

These rugs are thoroughly modern and chic for people who prefer prints and patterns. These types of rugs are modern and vogue rugsdurable and practical for today’s world. They provide the beauty to the room and it even comes in various patterns, prints and colors. You can buy a modern rug for your room of any pattern you like, geometrical pattern etc. They are made to suit any type of room, they are not hand woven mostly but they happen to be fluffy which provides an utmost comfort to the room. It can be bought from anywhere in the market and it does not pinch the pocket hard. Modern rugs will make your room more practical and minimalistic as it is preferred, less is more.

There are many more different types of rugs in the world and which are even available in the market for us. Rugs are an accessory to your bedroom; it provides you the feeling of comfort and aesthetics. The feeling of the fluffy rug under your feet after a hard day is a pleasure of its own kind. Be it any rug, it gives a zing to the room without taking much of its space, no worry of bringing in new furniture if your room needs something much more than what it has. Rugs can never go wrong, small bedrooms or large it happens to brighten up the room with its own placements. It is even a great way to add more color to your room.

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