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A decent, happy and successful marriage, undoubtedly, can be called the main goal of any normal person. Marriage, perhaps, is the most vital of all decisions, having the most far-reaching consequences, for marriage relates not only to temporary happiness but to eternal joy. It affects not only those who enter it, but also their families, especially their children, and the children of their children, and so on, for many generations. So if you are getting married, be prepared for the side effects. Check these points:

  • When choosing a companion for a while and for eternity, of course, you need to carefully plan everything; you need to meditate, pray and fast. As in any of the decisions you make, there cannot be a mistake here.
  • True marriage implies the unity of minds and hearts. When making decisions, you just cannot rely on emotions alone, but mind and heart, backed up by fasting, prayer, and careful reflection, will reveal the only and most real chance for you to find family happiness.
  • Sacrifice, love, generosity and great self-giving will be required to keep this bond rock solid.
  • Marriage is not always as same as television programs and stories with a happy ending: “They got married. And they lived happily ever after”. It is already clear to us that the performance of the rite in itself will not bring happiness and successful marriage. You will have to make effort.
  • In the view of some people, happiness is a sweet life, easy, exciting, and full of pleasures. However, true marriage is based on a deeper happiness, requiring self-giving, service, concessions, sacrifices, and self-denial which need to be earned by making efforts.

Think and focus on those qualities which will help you both to strengthen your love and friendship and bring romance in your married life. Remember, every marriage needs to cross a mile extra to in order to keep going forever. Be prepared!

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