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People with diabetes have to face many medical complications though several studies show that it is possible to control the damage and to reduce the risks of long term complications with specific treatment. There are certain medicines available to control diabetes but most of the diabetic patients have to go through several health complications. Some of the most common issues faced by them are:

  • Problems in sight happen such as diabetic retinopathy. Glaucoma and cataracts also occur. The regular visit to the ophthalmologist to detect them in time is the best prevention. People with diabetes may also have medical emergencies because of very high or very low blood sugar levels. If you feel nauseous or feel tired or shaky, seek medical attention right away.
  • Skin: Certain types of infections are more common in people with diabetes who are poorly controlled.
  • Heart problems: Keeping cholesterol, blood pressure, and glycosylated hemoglobin in check helps to prevent them.
  • Hypertension: High blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack, problems with the eyes and the kidneys.
  • Hearing loss: In the process of hearing small blood vessels and nerves are involved, which can be damaged if blood glucose levels remain high.
  • Dental problems: In people with diabetes there is an increase in the incidence of gum disease, which can range from a simple inflammation (gingivitis) to periodontal disease, which is when small bags become infected and lead to loss of dental pieces.
  • Neuropathies: It’s already said. High blood sugar levels, sustained over time, can lead to nerve damage that can occur in a number of organs with various manifestations.
  • Vascular Accident: The most common cause is an obstructed blood vessel. Two in three people with diabetes die from a stroke or heart disease. Taking special care, the odds that this happens can be reduced.

As they say, precaution is better than cure. Though diabetes is a hereditary health issue, a balanced and routine lifestyle can save you from being caught in the trap of the above-mentioned complications.

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