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Many people think of themselves that they run like a squirrel in a wheel. But the “stupid” squirrel, wanting to move – warms up in the wheel, does what it wants. This is not a senseless run, but in this approach for redefining the meaning of life, people still manage to run senselessly. They do not even try to see the meaning of their run, outside the closed circle of habits and stereotypes.

Finding a balance between life and career

If life is a somersault, there are more and more problems, and they insistently demand a solution – stop. Look at them from a bird’s-eye view. It is necessary to find the cause of the problems and look for the solution. This will help you to recognize the attention seeking areas where you can make improvements.

Follow these steps and try to short out all your issues coming in the way of life and career:

  • Clarify what is most important to you in life and what is not
  • Identify the things which are going wrong and out of control,
  • Realize how happy you are and how can you improve it day by day
  • Direct your attention and efforts to solve problematic places
  • Choose areas that determine quality and satisfaction with life
  • Choose for the sector-sectors of value for you: family, business, career, money, hobbies, recreation, creativity, entertainment, spirituality or self-realization.
  • Choose for the sector-sectors those roles that you fulfill in life – for example, the head of the company, the son/daughter, the husband/wife, the friend, the colleague, the partner, the grandfather/grandmother.

Once you chose the role you want to play, give your best to make the role play successfully. We are happy when life brings satisfaction in all its spheres. If you are satisfied with life – it means it is balanced in all way.


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