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A modern woman, what is she like? Light, strong, purposeful, self-confident, stylish and beautiful. How much effort we make every day to meet all these requirements! Cosmetic companies and design houses are working hard to make it easier for us, offering a wide range of skirts and dresses, blush, and lipsticks, blouses, and trousers, perfumes, and shadows.

However, unfortunately, a trendy suit and perfectly applied makeup are not always a guarantee of an impeccable appearance. Sometimes our body simply does not keep up with the crazy rhythm of modern life, and sooner or later there comes a time when even the most expensive foundation does not hide the dark circles under the eyes and swelling of the face.

Overwork, urban ecology, ultraviolet rays, computer, TV, tobacco smoke – every day our skin is exposed to their negative effects, resulting in reduced elasticity, a deteriorating complexion, and premature wrinkles.

How to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the environment, permanently retaining its beauty, youth, and freshness? The answer is quite simple: first of all, the skin needs nutrition and hydration. To maintain the tone and glow of your skin, eat healthy food and make sure to drink at least 4 to 6 liters of water every day as the humidity of this weather can make you sweat more. Avoiding non-alcoholic food will be helpful in maintaining your skin’s pH balance.

The moisturizing cream provides skin cells with the necessary amount of moisture, without which the skin becomes dry, lethargic, prone to peeling, irritation and redness, and nutritious creams provide them with the necessary active fat-containing substances that protect the skin from drying and aging, as well as promoting its regeneration.

Applying moisturizer can help in avoiding the dryness of skin; use water based moisturizer in case your skin is oily.

If you are working women, you must make a habit of cleaning your skin at least twice a day to remove dead skin, dirt, and oil which blocks the pores of your skin.

Applying rose water every night before going to bed will be helpful in keeping your skin healthy. Using homemade face pack made up of lemon, milk, turmeric etc. will make your skin look fresh.

Following these few tips can make you look younger, beautiful and confident.

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