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Marriage is a very pure bonding of two souls who vows to stay together in every up and down of life still, there are many cases these partners for life are found breaking the bond of loyalty and moving on with a new partner. Why does it happen? Why do we cheat on our partner or get cheated by them? Why loyalty gets disappear from this relationship?

It is because in some marriages, after a time, the physical attraction of the principle completely gets disappeared and not even the children in common are a bond strong enough to lead a happy life as a couple. It is the lack of love and also the case of being unfaithful for wanting to escape from the routine, that everyday love that goes through the days solving practical problems, without inducements that make one happy.

In many cases, woman wants to be the perfect wife and mother, but their heart is of another man and becomes a real unhappy. Before that, the exit is for many (and for many) to seek affection, fun or excitement elsewhere.

It is true that both men and women deceive their partners, but, according to statistics, women seek love in an extramarital relationship, they are unfaithful for hobbies, simply looking for sex and fun while a man is unfaithful because his wife does not satisfy him in bed. However, there are several studies that show that the more sexual activity a couple has, the higher the percentage of infidelity.

Generally, men deceive to overcome their emotional and physical shortcomings. Somewhere they look for a new partner as they find it hard to unify their crotch and heart. That is why; they want to have sex with other women.


In some of the cases, deception becomes just a matter of ego satisfaction. In others, deceit is first unleashed by frustration, by an impossible love of childhood, an ideal love that becomes the only thing we can not have. That wanting and not having leads us to assert ourselves, to make ourselves wanted, and one of our strategies to get rid of our shortcomings is to get new partner fall at our feet.

It just takes a moment to cheat on your partner, just a moment to break the bond of trust and loyalty and move out but it takes a lot more of patience and time to continue with the same relation despite having so many differences. One needs to be more careful while choosing what one wants in his life.

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