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Emotional intelligence, two words lately we hear more often. But what exactly does this concept refer to and why has it become so important? This is called the ability that a person has to assimilate, understand and process their emotions and those of other people, which is incredibly beneficial not only for their emotional side but also for their intellect.

Emotional intelligence affects you in many ways.

  • It will make you understand yourself.

Aristotle said that self-knowledge is the beginning of wisdom. It’s true. You should start by understanding what’s going on in your head. Do you understand what is causing your emotions? If you are upset, angry or happy, do you know why? It sounds simple, but many do not. To change your world, you need to begin to understand yourself, understand why you feel this way, and not otherwise – you must understand yourself.

  • Get to know what affects you.

It’s your opportunity to change your own behavior, as necessary. Do you get motivation from within or do you need motivation from outside? Successful people can set their own goals, outline a plan for achieving goals and implementing it – they can themselves influence their behavior in a positive way.

  • It will help you to understand others.

Understanding others is empathy, your ability to understand what others feel and why they feel so, and know how your words and actions are perceived by people around you. Without empathy, you will repel people and you will never know why. It is very difficult to be successful without understanding others.

People who have this type of intelligence are usually easy-going and empathetic, are not very much given to having angry attacks and are not afraid to express what they feel, which is why they are very good at relating to others and being mediators When conflicts arise. This type of intellect has recently been recognized as one of the most useful and most characteristic of people with leadership. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have him.

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