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The society we are living in is full of various sorts of personalities whom our child has to face every
now and then as they have no other alternative. Very rarely our child finds someone with the similar
mindset, opinion and the same way of perceiving things as they are the judgemental hypocrites they
come across everywhere.
What sort of individuals are they? They are the one impressing whom we take birth for and we teach
the same to our child. Yes, since childhood we are being taught to behave and act appropriately
which is something worth being thankful for but just to impress these hypocrites we have to go few
more steps ahead. They are our neighbors, our relatives, friends of a friend and so on. Their opinion
matters the most in our lives and in the majority of the circumstances we compel our child to
sacrifice their dreams and desires so that these judgemental people don’t need to feel bad about.
Why are we doing it? Why we drive our child to give such a great amount of significance to their
opinion? Why their thinking matters the most in our life? Have we at any point felt that this could
make our child aggressive and impatient in their life?
Being a parent we must figure out to prioritize the things matters to our child and ought not to make
efforts to impose our ideas and every so often. Just to impress the society, we can’t go out on a limb
of crushing the dreams of our child. Yes, there is a generation gap, there is a wide difference in our
thinking and their mindset however children of this age are smart enough and we must trust them.
Remember, that these judgemental people are not going to make the future of your child. Be strong
and stay solid with your child. Learn to ignore all the opinions which come in the way.

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