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Many of us deny changing the daily habits which we have been following for a long time. We have
adopted a certain type of comfort level, and coming out of the same become a complex task for us.
Though keeping a check on these habits have become mandatory to avoid the harmful outcomes in
the form of different diseases and health problems. Check out the things listed below which might
be making you sick and weak:
1. Bad timing of breakfast- In case you are following irregular timing or your breakfast or skipping
it, then you better be ready to face the consequences in the form of decreasing the metabolism and
immunity level in your body. You will not feel energetic while doing your daily regular job.
2. Lack of sleep- We waste our time on bed scrolling our mobile applications and disturb our
sleep schedule. Proper sleep of 8 hours id required for promoting long and healthy life. Losing the
required sleep can lead to stress, weight gain and also makes you vulnerable towards numerous
health related issues.
3. Too much of stress- Everyone will acknowledge the presence of stress and anxiety in one’s life.
This can be related to work however giving so much of attention to stress can ultimately make you
depress and will trigger major psychological issues as well.
4. Absence or excess of physical activity- Who does not want to get into the perfect shape? There
are many of us who deny going out for a walk or even doing the simplest physical activity. Whereas
there are many people who prefer performing hectic exercise schedule. Both absence and excess of
physical activity will ruin your health. Your body needs to work and to rest both.
5. Unhealthy food habits: Our diet is the parameter of judging our health. Dieticians suggest
taking proper and rich diet and it varies from one person to another of different age category.
Deficiency of essential nutrients in your body will ultimately invite many different diseases. So make
a chart of the required calories and the supplements your body needs a day to have a healthy life.
Have a healthy life!

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